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NETWORKING TECHNOLOGY (THAILAND) CO., LTD. is a professional engaged in to the enterprise provide Internet website solve scheme of network technical support, services mainly include: Web Design and production, release and maintenance, e-commerce training and planning. Has for thousands of Thai companies and enterprises provide multi language website construction and web design, involving multiple industries. The company has mature network marketing, website design and software programming professionals gathered, the recent in order to promote and help the majority of small and medium enterprises to realize electronic commerce, network technology support (Thailand) Co., Ltd. launched the "one-stop service" service content has:
1.Infrastructure: computer and interface equipment shopping guide upgrade, system installation and maintenance, enterprise internal LAN, etc..
2. E-commerce: website registration domain name, free space, website construction, logistics system, online shop system, news release system, etc.. And cooperate search, promotion and other services.
3. Information intelligence management: data mining, intelligence analysis, ERP management, CRM management, general OA, invoicing, etc.. Involving e-commerce and information based application training. The practical guidance for the development and application of the enterprise.
General business management personnel in the thought will think "enterprise informatization is a complex of a high-tech technical difficulty of the thing", to mislead the cognition and application of enterprises, in fact, as long as the above service system of organization and management, enterprise electronic commerce and information technology application becomes a simple matter!
But the current e-commerce market to accept the service, scattered, service providers said the good, make enterprises to listen to a few years of e-commerce and information technology or foggy don't understand, for example, infrastructure, the domain name space, site, search, promotion, platform, data mining, information analysis, management ERP, CRM, general OA, inventory etc. each block is the composition of the various business, if separate service, more than a dozen accounts and password! Enterprise do not know what important what trouble, the problem is to look for different companies to deal with each other do not understand the problem can not find the company consulting! How to help enterprise construction and application of e-commerce and information technology? Enterprises need to select the network technical support (Thailand) Co., Ltd. "a station type advisory services, network application is the expertise of the network service providers, such as traditional financial consultants, management consultants, marketing consultants... Etc.. A unified professional treatment, the composition of electronic commerce and information technology infrastructure construction and management, all commissioned to network services company, first is convenient for assembling management. The second appeared faults and problems. Third can strengthen the traditional enterprise to the network e-commerce and information knowledge, and the network company harmonious communication convenient system application consultation, make the enterprise as soon as possible application! Fourth, it is advantageous for the enterprise to unify the management of the electronic commerce and the informationization core assets!
In the traditional areas of business competition, has reached the white hot state, foreign trade and exports and because of poor information is often affected by the foreign policy of blocking, the network as a new platform of information and communication, the dissemination of information of direct, rapid, accurate and wide, absolute leading to replace the traditional newspapers, television, exhibitions... Advantages and other forms of communication, in the business competition requirements information leading society, "the first time" is core of all businesses compete for the chance. Regardless of the enterprise to accept or not accept, electronic commerce has many companies take the initiative to send to the business, the government has launched a lot of law to promote the application of e-commerce, and these are described. A new economic model began, the electronic commerce application is "urgent", enterprises still etc. What, immediately put their own business information, take the initiative to send network, occupy the core position of the new economy mode is the advantages of the new!
NETWORKING TECHNOLOGY (THAILAND) CO., LTD. is a holistic service provider for enterprise training personnel. Our company is the bounden duty of network services and guidance.Its website:Fristweb/Thaicn/BBSthaicn/EXTHAI.
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